Meet John Liadis

“At Nu-Vest, our word means something. We never hide behind contracts or technicalities. What’s important is that we live to find another day and to serve another client.”

John Liadis, CEO and Founder of Nu-Vest Associates, Inc.


John Liadis, CEO and Founder of Nu-Vest Associates, Inc., is highly regarded in the world of commercial real estate. His expertise and accomplishments shine brightly, yet John Liadis always has preferred to operate below the radar and outside of the limelight.


John’s industry knowledge and insight are as strong as his care for each client, colleague, vendor and staff member. As a result, John has a close circle of colleagues and friends.


A Strong Beginning
After graduating from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, John later returned to WSU and earned his Masters of Arts degree in public administration. Early in his career, John worked in corporate real estate at Kroger. In this role, he assisted in site selections and managing operations for the Cincinnati-based grocery chain.


A Commercial Real Estate Expert
Before long, John’s real estate expertise became clear to the local real estate community, and John was enlisted to manage third-party real estate for various shopping centers throughout Michigan.

In 1974, John founded Nu-Vest Associates, Inc. Simultaneously, he began to accumulate enough capital to acquire properties of his own and to manage them.


A Thought Leader and Community Leader with Strong Family Ties
This sought-after industry thought leader also is an active community leader and participant. For nine years, John served as president of his church, and for 15 years served as president of his homeowner association as well as has been an active Boy Scout leader.


His strong family ties combine with his desire to leave a strong legacy. John proudly has been married for more than 30 years and has two sons.


We invite you to contact Nu-Vest at 248 353.1111.

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