About Us

“Nu-Vest stands for integrity, and our strong reputation reflects this.
We’d rather not participate than to put our name on a deal that is
not right. Highly strategic and ethically strong, we do what we say
we’re going to do, period.”

John Liadis, president of Nu-Vest Associates, Inc.


Our History

Meet our CEO and Founder


More Than 36 Years of Expertise
Nu-Vest Associates, Inc., is the resource for your commercial real estate needs. For more than 36 years, clients have leveraged our expertise and consistency of management and philosophy. Count on Nu-Vest’s professionalism, industry knowledge, and intimate understanding of the southeast Michigan market.


We clearly recall the savings and loan situation 20 years ago and know how to strategically guide clients’ projects through today’s economy. We manage an excess of 50 shopping centers in southeast Michigan with more than 500 tenants and portfolio values of approximately $140 million.


We Represent Integrity
Before Nu-Vest takes on an engagement, we scrutinize it carefully to be sure we can perform on what we promise. Nu-Vest stands for integrity, a key reason our company has grown through the years and survived multiple market cycles. People feel comfortable doing business with us as they trust and believe in us and our expertise in the marketplace.


Clients benefit from our valuable and close contacts with local companies and vendors. We secure the most qualified vendors and provide economy of scale and estimated pricing to our clients. We value-manage to give clients the most bang for the buck.


Thus, whether you seek expert advice as to whether to purchase a property, handle a deal, unwind assets, determine who owns a loan, or a company to professionally guide and manage your commercial properties, Nu-Vest is your solution.

Stability and Consistency
Nu-Vest offers management stability. Anticipate always working with the same experienced management team that knows and understands the southeast Michigan market. We are known for our stability and consistency among our management.


As a local property owner with “skin in the game” in Michigan via our own commercial real estate portfolio, we are strongly anchored here. All of our operating teams are based in Michigan.


Further, many of Nu-Vest’s highly-experienced full-time staff as well as licensed independent contractors have been with the company for more than 20 years. We always have maintained our dedicated staff, no matter the economic climate.


Nu-Vest Knows this Market the Best
Nobody knows the southeast Michigan market better than Nu-Vest. As a highly active regional player in the business, we are active members of the area chamber of commerce as well as the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). We enjoy being a key part of this community and fostering the trust of businesses.


Clients know our long history, business integrity, and strong reputation. They also appreciate our economies of scale, enabling us to cost-effectively serve them.


Variety of Commercial Real Estate Services
Nu-Vest offers a variety of commercial real estate services to serve our clients. We would be happy to help you with:


We also offer expertise in:


We invite you to contact Nu-Vest at 248 353.1111.

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