Investment Services

Guidance in Purchasing Properties
In-state and out-of-state purchasers select Nu-Vest for our expertise in discrete investment sales of neighborhood and community retail centers, ranging in size from 10,000- to 100,000-square-feet. Clients utilize our advisory services and guidance towards purchasing a property. Our detailed analysis and real property valuation leads to a true market value, rather than an appraised valuation based on outdated sales comparables.


Clients have shared that hiring Nu-Vest as their consultant has been their best decision, as we help them clearly understand things they have no way of knowing about southeast Michigan properties. We always watch, listen, and discuss the local information, and share it with our clients.


Realistic Investment Assessments
Pure numbers do not show the true value of a property. Frequently, people are misled by numbers. Historically, Michigan real estate has been considered undervalued, yet potential purchasers do not know to what degree. Too many out-of-state investors may make poor decisions based on misinformation or lack of local market knowledge.


Nu-Vest helps you realistically consider whether to invest in a particular property and specific area. We evaluate whether rents are sustainable, the viability of tenants coming and going, the cost of tenant improvements and rent concessions in this ever-changing market, and their effect on the current and projected economic conditions of the asset.


Further, we watch intrinsic local demographics, including hiring patterns in area companies, tracking whether a plant will be closing and job layoffs will ensue, and learning about expansions and job growth. Nu-Vest has the resources and the answers.


We invite you to contact Nu-Vest at 248 353.1111.

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