Property Management

We Manage Your Properties As If They Are Our Own
It is our pleasure at Nu-Vest to professionally manage your commercial properties with the same care as if we are the owners. Our property management division is founded on a commitment to providing strategic solutions that maximize the value and performance of each property. We determine your goals, always consider what is best for the property, and guide you in achieving your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Nu-Vest takes seriously the tenant mix and we develop a synergetic tenant mix for each property, as we understand the dynamics of what blend of tenants will work right in each shopping center. We employ in-house marketing services as well as network with third-party tenant broker representatives to attract both local and national tenants.


Bringing You Strategy, Value and Dollars
In this new reality of limited liquidity/capital, we help landlords acquire the most value with the least amount of money spent. We will guide you in generating dollars and carefully placing limited resources into the business as well as applying effective marketing and management strategies. We leverage our strong, local relationships of quality local vendors.


As new tenants often underestimate build-outs, we guide tenants in understanding the resources necessary to revise their space. We prefer “no deal” rather than a tenant under-capitalizing and struggling. We are candid and always seek win-win situations.


A Night-and-Day Business
At Nu-Vest, we recognize that property management is a night-and-day business. Too often, we’ve seen people take a good property and mismanage it into the ground. Understanding that the day-to-day operation of each shopping center is central to making it successful, we ensure that each property always is well-maintained. We manage snow plowing to lawn cutting, trash removal, and painting, while overseeing the quick replacement of everything from light bulbs to hot water tanks. We also process rent payments, offer vendor recommendations, and refer legal and accounting matters when necessary.


Clients appreciate that we are a short drive to their properties in southeast Michigan. We physically inspect and evaluate each property once a month and ensure the work is completed properly and clients are happy.


We invite you to contact Nu-Vest at 248 353.1111.

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